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Bookshelf tour intro

CP ARC Contest- My entry and post: 'In my eyes' (Jem POV)

Okay so here's my entry (couldn't scan it as it was too big, so I took a picture)

with a close up of:

and Tessa

And here's a bit of explanation if you're interested.

I wanted to do something centred around Jem since CP is supposed to develop his and Tessa's relationship more and I kinda of have an obsession with drawing/ painting eyes.
The idea was looking in Jem's eyes and what he most cares about. I put Will more central since they're parabatai (and I love a bromance :P)

Okay that explanation kinda sucks :/ but I hope you like it :D. This was really fun and was first bit of arty stuff I've done in a while so was good to have some inspiration, thankyou Cassie Clare!

Exciting TMI contest

The Bookaholics Blog and Hebelmet designs are doing a giveaway of Hebelmet's TMI designs (http://www.etsy.com/shop/hebelmet) - they're truly great- my friend got the Clockwork angel necklace for her birthday (it's soo pretty... jealous much). Go here http://the-bookaholics.blogspot.com/2011/06/hebelmet.html to enter, with the chance to win either a bookmark or one of her pendants!


Okay... so finally CoFA is here, and I read it non-stop! But gah! The ending, Cassandra Clare sure knows how to torture us! None of my freinds have read it yet, boo :/ so anyone up for a CoFA chat?

Book crush-a-thon

I can't pick one... I want then all!

CIty of Fallen Angels Book Trailer

So over the last few days the city of fallen angels book trailer has been shooting, here are the collection of pictures Cassandra Clare has released on her twitter.... enjoy :)

pics under the cutCollapse )

okay so thats it (there are a few more on cassie's twitter); if any more are posted ill ad them here :)

Mortal Instruments Casting!

Cassandra Calre confirmed that Lily Collins has been cast as Clary, and have to say very excited, haven't seen any of her acting yet but i here good things and I think she looks great for the role

Hopefully movie stuff now on a role and we'll here more soon, I'll post more casting as announced :D

City of Fallen Angels Teasers

Since I couldn't do my community read of Clockwork angle this week as i lent it to a friend I thought I'd post the City Of Fallen Angels Teasers on here... would love to hear other peoples comments on them... I am soo excited for this book =)
Read more...Collapse )


Ok, so got some new teasers- also Clockwork Prince Teaser, but only one more left :(... here they are (under the cut)


Read more...Collapse )
jem, tessa

Infernal Devices, Clockwork Angel, Community Read- Chapter 1

Chapter 1- The Dark House


(This will include spoilers form both the Clockwork Angel and possibly the Mortal Instrument Books)



Beyond this place of wrath and tears

Looms but the Horror of the Shade



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will, clockwork angel

Infernal Devices, Clockwork Angel, Community Read- prologue

(Warning :This will include spoilers form both the Clockwork Angel and possibly the Mortal Instrument Books)


The book begins with Will Herondale finishing off a demon. Will realises his fighting partner- Gem, has disappeared and is disappointed that no-one saw his showing off. ‘It was much less fun showing off without Jem to show off to.’ When going to find Jem he see’s a policeman (who can’t see him as he is glamoured) and toys with the idea of playing tricks on him. He finds Jem along with a dead girl who has been stabbed and they question what has happened to her, Will with a very devious look on his face tells Gem he wants to investigate the case. Along with the girl they find a knife which has a mysterious symbol on it.


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